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The LLVM project started in 2000 at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign , under the direction of Vikram Adve and Chris Lattner . LLVM was originally developed as a research infrastructure to investigate dynamic compilation techniques for static and dynamic programming languages . LLVM was released under the University of Illinois/NCSA Open Source License , [2] a permissive free software licence . In 2005, Apple Inc. hired Lattner and formed a team to work on the LLVM system for various uses within Apple's development systems. [10] LLVM is an integral part of Apple's latest development tools for macOS and iOS . [11] Since 2013, Sony has been using LLVM's primary front end Clang compiler in the software development kit (SDK) of its PS4 console. [12]

The complex main platter construction cannot befound elsewhere in this price range and is similar to the Xtension models. Advanced thermo plastic elastomers (TPE) are used in asandwich construction with aluminium alloy for optimised resonance behaviour. Platter bearing axle is made from lowtolerance chrome plated stainless steel running on Teflon bottom in a bronze bearing housing. Turntable main plinth is from lowresonance MDF, which effectivly is decoupled from structure-born noise by special absorber feet, that use TPE technology. As aspecial feature, this package comes with the outstanding 2M silver cartridge, which features silver spools for ultimate fidelity.

Virtual Audio Project - RobotsVirtual Audio Project - RobotsVirtual Audio Project - RobotsVirtual Audio Project - Robots